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NED KELLY'S – Live Sport

Ned Kelly’s - Top Sport in HD quality, we offer coverage of Soccer, Rugby, NFL and GAA as well as many other sports in an atmosphere comparable only to being live at the game with excellent picture and audio quality. We also cater for customer requests. If there’s a game you would like to see, contact us and we will do our best to show it. We also open early or late to show games outside of our opening hours.


Sunday 5th

Burnley v Sheffield United 13.00 EPL

Newcastle United v West Ham United 15.00 EPL

Liverpool v Aston Villa 17.30 EPL

Southampton v Manchester City 20.00 EPL

Monday 6th

Heidenheim v Werder Bremen 20.30 Bundesliga Play Off

Tottenham Hotspur v Everton 21.00 EPL

Tuesday 7th

Crystal Palace v Chelsea 19.00 EPL

Watford v Norwich City 19.00 EPL

Arsenal v Leicester City 21.15 EPL

Wednesday 8th

Manchester City v Newcastle United 19.00 EPL

Sheffield United v Wolves 19.00 EPL

West Ham United v Burnley 19.00 EPL

Brighton H.A v Liverpool 21.15 EPL

Thursday 9th

Bournemouth v Tottenham Hotspur 19.00 EPL

Everton v Southampton 19.00 EPL

Aston Villa v Manchester United 21.15 EPL

Saturday 11th

Norwich City v West Ham United 13.30 EPL

Watford v Newcastle United 13.30 EPL

Liverpool v Burnley 16.00 EPL

Sheffield United v Chelsea 18.30 EPL

Brighton H.A v Manchester City 21.00 EPL

Sunday 12th

Wolves v Everton 13.00 EPL

Aston Villa v Crystal Palace 15.00 EPL

Styrian GP 15.10 Formula 1

Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal 17.30 EPL

Bournemouth v Leicester City 20.00 EPL

Monday 13th

Manchester United v Southampton 21.00 EPL

Wednesday 15th

Arsenal v Liverpool 21.00 EPL

Crystal Palace v Manchester United 21.00 EPL

Manchester City v Bournemouth 21.00 EPL

Saturday 18th

Liverpool v Chelsea 16.00 EPL

Tottenham Hotspur v Leicester City 16.00 EPL

Manchester United v West Ham United 16.00 EPL

Sunday 19th

Hungarian GP 15.10 Formula 1

Sunday 26th

Leicester City v Manchester United 16.00 EPL

Newcastle United v Liverpool 16.00 EPL

Chelsea v Wolves 16.00 EPL


Sunday 2nd

British GP 16.10 Formula 1

Wednesday 5th

Bayer Leverkusen v Rangers 18.55 Europa League

Wolves v Olympiacos 18.55 Europa League

Manchester United v LASk Linz 18.55 Europa League

Friday 7th

Manchester City v Real Madrid 21.00 Champions League

Bayern Munich v Chelsea 21.00 Champions League

Sunday 9th

70th Anniversary GP 16.10 Formula 1

Sunday 16th

Spanish GP 15.10 Formula 1

Tuesday 18th

Arsenal v Manchester City 20.45 FA Cup

Wednesday 19th

Manchester United v Chelsea 19.00 FA Cup Final

Sunday 30th

Belgian GP 15.10 Formula 1





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